Gerd Petermeyer was born in Essen on 10th. July 1951. He studied art, drawing and photography under Prof. Geiger at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. He has been teaching at Stoppenberg Grammer School (Gymnasium am Stoppenberg) in Essen since 1979. For many years his pictures have been shown in numerous exhibitions.

Oil paintings of the Ruhr area
Gerd Petermeyer’s pictures show landscapes, people and relics of the old coal-mining area between the rivers Ruhr and Emscher. He concentrates on discovering the smaller, quieter industrial areas in the north of the Ruhr region together with the romantic, natural and industrial landscapes of its surroundings. In these pictures Gerd Petermeyer impressively encaptures  the stability and special charm of the old and slightly decaying  buildings which stem from the early years. He also portrays the people that live there who have preserved their  unique character in spite of the structural changes in the region.

It’s not that Gerd Petermeyer wants to pay remorseful homage to a long-lost historic past in his work, but rather that he wants to direct the eye with aesthetic means towards the future.

The reproduction of this reality is represented solely in black and white plus the grey tones that lie between. By applying this process of abstraction, Petermeyer removes the element of local colour from his pictures. In this way the beholder gets closer to the essence, the soul of the subject matter and gains emotional access to it.

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